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Practical Vedic Astrology- 6th Revised and Enlarged Edition (A Complete Self Learning Treatise)

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Vedas, repositories of knowledge, are the heritage of India. Astrology, i.e., Jyotisha is a part of Vedas. There are about thirty slokas on astrology in the Rig-veda, forty-four in Yajura veda and one hundred and sixty two in Atharva veda. Our sages developed another immortal classic known as the Puranas, which also contain seeds of astrology. Our sages declared Bharatavarsha as karmobhoomi where men did get karmaphala. Karmas and karmaphala is the domain of astrology, rather with pronounced spiritual undertones. It is a science of the influence of the planets and stars on human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motions, their positions and time (kaal) do have effects on us all. With the regular movement of planets one can foretell the destinies of men, fates of nations, sudden inundation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other incidents relating to terrestrial phenomenon. Astrology is a divine science, which correlates astronomical movements of planets with physical, psychic and atmik (soul’s) responses. This science is based on basic assumptions that planets do influence us that law of karma and theory of cause and effect is genuine and there is continuity of life even after physical death. Certain positions and groupings of the stars and planets in relation to earth correspond to various types of events which occur during one’s life time, and astrology assists in predicting such events.

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